Digital Episteme

Liberty: DADA DADA DADA Adam Pendleton's Black Dada paintings, interview with Art in America

Promote a revolutionary flood and tide in art, promote living art, anti-art, promote non-art reality to be grasped by all peoples Fluxus Digital Collection + Alternative Traditions in the Contemporary Arts (ATCA) Project from the University of Iowa Libraries

There is absolutely no inevitability as long as there is a willingness to contemplate what is happening

The Machine is a myth @rodneysampson's Storify, "A day in the life of a young black male engineering 'coding' student"

Knowledge is a vasty cross-tangle of ideas and evidential materials, not a pyramid of truth Kim Knight's Medium post, "CFP: 14 Reasons To Write Your Next Academic Paper As A Listicle* (* Or Quiz, Meme, Game, GIF, Vine, Vlog, Infographic, Twine Story, Explainer, Or Emoji Essay.)"

Be patient Thanks for starting the Babe Vibes site, Kara Haupt

Use the F word Tricia Tongco with the Guerilla Girls: Your Radical Guide To Fighting Discrimination In The Arts

romantic, feminine, cute is not weak our sucre sickly sweet is intentional from their Kickstarter campaign for a deep web bake sale (that accepts bitcoins): "what happens when something innocent and cute takes place on the deep web?"

As students, it is not our job to ensure that the policies and practices of the University of Missouri work to maintain a safe, secure and unbiased campus climate for all of its students,

We demand that the University of Missouri increases funding and resources for the University of Missouri Counseling Center for the purpose of...boosting mental health outreach and programming across campus Robin D. G. Kelley's opening to the "Black Study, Black Struggle" forum in the Boston Review, Derecka Purnell's Radical Political Action Reading List